Open frame monitor.

A stylish monitor that is easy to install? Look no further. Our monitors are designed to meet any challenge. 

Produktbild eines stilvollen MIKKA Einbaumonitors, der sich individuell an die Einbausituation anpasst und bequem einbauen lässt | © MIKKA GmbH


Having trouble finding the right monitor? We understand these challenges because our open frame monitors were designed and built according to our own needs as an integrator. Based on this experience, we can offer our customers a rapidly available standard range.

A variety of features and design lines give us flexibility in the assembly of the appropriate open frame monitor. Together we will find the monitor that’s right for you! The first step is for you to choose a suitable model based on your mounting conditions, for example in an area with more or less light.

Our open frame monitors come in the following variants:

Elegant Design and easy installation,
that fit.

How does the monitor appear visually? In addition to a simple mounting process, design plays an essential role. Ideally, the Open Frame Monitor integrates seamlessly into the installation environment. We have developed different design lines that vary by the type of mounting and front edge closure of the monitors.

Icon für ergänzende Monitor-Softwarelösungen von MIKKA Software drives the performance of our Open Frame Monitors 

With our innovative firmware solutions, we offer our customers added benefits: from optimising monitor settings remotely or via sensors, to encryption with specific software. Learn more!

MIKKA Softwarelösungen sind smarte Extras, optimieren die Monitoreinstellung für eine längere Lebensdauer oder schützen ihr Hardware-Investment

Solutions for every industry,
that fit.

Looking for a tried and tested solution? We have already developed Open Frame Monitors for different industries: no matter if they are used outdoors or indoors, on the production floor, in vending machines or terminals, we build the right models. Explore our range for yourself! 

Icon für Anfrage zu MIKKA Demo-Monitor Simply test a monitor yourself

Want to make sure the Open Frame Monitor actually fits? Try it for free. We’d be happy to send you the desired model as a demo monitor for testing! 

Icon für Kontaktaufnahme zu MIKKA rot Quick answers to your questions

Numerous products, features and design concepts - need help choosing your Open Frame Monitor? We’re here to help, just get in touch with us!

Accessories for effective mounting,
that fit.

How do you attach your Open Frame Monitor? For smooth mounting of our monitors, we recommend using the original accessories. We offer everything for assembly, mounting and operation in premium MIKKA quality.



From selection to mounting to maintenance, our guide will help you with valuable tips & tricks. We draw on our experience with customers and complex mounting conditions and we’re here to assist you with advice and action.






1. Analyse the mounting conditions in detail

At the beginning of the search, it is important to analyse the mounting conditions of the Open Frame Monitor in detail. How is the device installed and used? Where will it be used? It is about identifying all the requirements for the monitor.


Challenges such as harsh weather conditions caused by rain and sun require special capabilities, performance and durability from the Open Frame Monitor. For your analysis, please refer to our checklist with key questions about the application.


2. Select the appropriate Open Frame Monitor

For the next step, select the monitor that’s right for you based on the findings of your analysis. With our product catalogue, the Open Frame Monitors can be flexibly configured according to your needs. Be guided by the design concept and optional equipment of the Open Frame Monitors.

In principle, the design concept determines the respective installation type (front/rear, mounting) as well as the installation form (flush or with frame). The optional features reflect the required capabilities for the desired mounting conditions. A combination of the design concept and features then defines the desired Open Frame Monitor.


Our tip! Choose the specific features you really need - no more, but no less. This reduces complexity and thus potential sources of error throughout the overall application. This also reduces your costs and manages your budget in terms of purchase and maintenance costs.

Selecting the right Open Frame Monitor is an important and critical process step in developing an application. Please also feel free to contact us, we will support you in your selection with our experience and expertise.


3. Test and check your Open Frame Monitor

You can then make a thorough check of your selected Open Frame Monitor directly in your application. We will send you a free demo model . First, check the mount and the fit. We offer the right accessories for a stable installation. Then start up the monitor. It’s easy and fast. If you have any questions, our technical service team can assist you.

Extensive functionality and usability checks are then possible during operation of the Open Frame Monitor. All of the relevant staff involved in your company can now get a comprehensive understanding of the suitable monitor. Of course, we can respond to any adjustment requests. It is possible that for the desired purpose a customised solution is required. Contact our team: contact request!

4. Order and purchase monitor

Like what you see? Simply order the desired amount of Open Frame Monitors via a contact request or email. Tiered pricing is available. Talk to us and get a personalised offer!

We guarantee that follow-up purchases for this open frame model will be possible for a minimum of 5 years (follow-up purchase guarantee). In addition, we would be happy to recommend a suitable upgraded follow-up device.



CHECKLIST: How to analyse the mounting conditions of the MONITOR


The questions on our short checklist help to analyse the mounting conditions in a structured manner. These are organised into topics such as installation form or type. The respective selection criterion such as design concept or equipment can be found in our product catalogue:

How is the monitor integrated (flush/with frame) into the construction (e.g. machine, kiosk or terminal) ? How visible is the screen?

How is the monitor built in (from the front/rear) and mounted (bolts/mounting bracket)?

What functions must be integrated in the monitor (e.g. Touch, Micro PC)?

In what environment will the monitor be operated (heat, light or moisture)? Will light shine directly on the screen or display?

Document the requirements and feel free to discuss them with us. We will be happy to support you with our experience and know-how wherever we can: contact request!