Flexibly integrated
that fit.

Mounting of the MIKKA L-Line Monitor in a detailed view | © MIKKA GmbH

that fits.

A monitor that can be mounted quickly? That’s exactly what you get with the L-Line. These monitors can be installed in no time. The elegant frame suggests a unique design experience. Learn more about installation and design!

Quick integration

Sensationally quick integration: this monitor is strong on design and is easily mounted on common constructions of terminals or pedestals. The mounting is prepared using a drilling template. The monitor is inserted from the front into the opening and attached to the rear panel by screwing in the bolts. The innovative shape of the monitor seamlessly integrates into cutouts of different sizes.


The elegant aluminium housing forms a sophisticated frame in a clean design with straight edges. When selecting each component of the monitor, we prioritize robust and high-quality materials. This guarantees a long service life, thus ensuring minimal maintenance and parts replacement. The monitor remains repairable and sustainable.