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future-oriented and successful careers,
that fit.

A team with a clear goal in mind: creating a perfectly fitting monitor for our sophisticated customers. That’s why we all pull together! Everyone does their best as they optimise one

monitor after another. This is how we continue to develop our own skills and our products step by step. If the way you work fits with our philosophy, we look forward to having you join our team! 

Working at Mikka is fun because:




Karl Atzmüller, Assembling EMPLOYEE

MIKKA Einbaumonitor mit vielen Eigenschaften und Designlinien flexibel in Design & Einbau
Foto von Karl, technischer Mitarbeiter in der MIKKA Produktion | © MIKKA GmbH

Icon für MIKKA Vorteile Mikka values my opinion

I like to work with my hands. When assembling the touch screens, accuracy and cleanliness are required.

For more than 5 years, I have been contributing to the success of this process. This allows me to be creative and my professional opinion is valued. We are a great well-coordinated team!

MIKKA Mitarbeiter verklebt sorgfältig und präzise die Glasscheibe im Assembling der Produktion | © MIKKA GmbH

Insights into work processes, 

We rely on efficient processes when assembling monitors. Gain an insight into the development phases of an Open Frame Monitor. 

This is how an open frame monitor is created:

Find the apprenticeship,
that fits.

Want to make the most of your talent and learn new things? Then you’ve come to the right place: Our team is as varied as the uses of our monitor, made up of practitioners, visionaries, and much more. Find your role and discover the diversity of tasks for yourself! 




Damian Reisinger, assembling apprentice

MIKKA Einbaumonitor mit vielen Eigenschaften und Designlinien flexibel in Design & Einbau
MIKKA Lehrling Damian führt technische Assembling Aufgaben in der Produktion | © MIKKA GmbH

Icon für MIKKA Vorteile Enhancing technical education with Intelligence

I was welcomed into the team from the very beginning. My colleagues are happy to help me.

I enjoy the technically demanding tasks. I have already learned a lot, especially in the area of electronics. I am happy to contribute to the positive overall result - high-quality monitors!

MIKKA Lehrling baut Monitore zusammen im Assembling der Produktion | © MIKKA GmbH

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On our Facebook channel, you can get insights into the everyday work at MIKKA. We’ll show you what to expect from us. Feel free to ask questions, we look forward to the conversation!

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