that fit.

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Different industry sectors are among our customers – we have already developed monitor solutions in collaboration with them. Curious?

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Individual solutions,
that fit.

Sometimes the challenges in installation are so unique that we develop a custom-fit monitor in collaboration with the customer. Particularly for use in outdoor areas, where extreme weather conditions such as sun, heat, rain or snow prevail and an individual solution is required.

Sometimes the situation requires an adjustment with unique software solutions, for example, to connect hardware and software in a betting terminal. Monitors are also customised for predefined installation situations or lack of space. Learn more about our customer story below!




The success story of Axess AG and MIKKA

MIKKA open frame monitor with various features and design lines, flexible in design and integration
Individuell entwickelter und gebauter MIKKA Monitor lässt sich verschrauben und integriert sich nahtlos in den Ticketautomat der Axess Ag  | © Axess AG

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Through sophisticated solutions, monitors are created that stand the test of time. We already offer standard solutions for various sectors such as industry or trade. Explore our customer stories! 

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Faced with complex mounting conditions and need help selecting your Open Frame Monitor? We’re here to help, just get in touch with us!