that fit.

Mounting of the MIKKA O-Line Monitor in a detailed view | © MIKKA GmbH

O-Line monitors for outdoor use,
That fit.

A monitor that can survive bad weather? That’s what you get with the the O-Line. The monitors can be installed safely and feature a robust construction. An elegant frame connects the display and enclosure. Experience the installation and learn more about the design!

SECURE installation

To ensure problem-free outdoor use, the O-Line monitor is mounted from the front. Mounting bolts on the back of the aluminium housing allow for easy and secure attachment. A seal protects the electronics from moisture!


After installation, an elegant aluminium frame remains visible. In addition to adequate protection, this also ensures a sophisticated connection between the housing and the monitor. With an additional glass pane, the display protects against external weathering (UV light or moisture) and vandalism.

Perfect alignment of components,
that fit.

What makes the O-Line so special? This high-performance monitor is optimally sized: thanks to an anti-glare surface, increased luminance and an extended viewing angle, the display remains easily readable, even in bright environments. All components are carefully chosen and withstand adverse conditions such as rain or sun.